Arashi on YT, is that good or bad?

I’m happy that arashi has an official platform on youtube to promote their songs now. I know that many of you so happy with that development too, but can you please remember what's our MAIN RULE?

Why there are still many fans who mentioned about LJ/DW or any other platforms in their comment and even said that now they can watch arashi PV “legally”. What they are thinking? Are they even thought what will happen if they said something like that? Are they even know what’s our rules in here?

I’m just a new fan in here and I like this place so much. LJ and DW are my main source to get Arashi and Johnny’s related for now. I don’t want this safe place will be gone just because the people who doesn’t even know about the rules and how risky for being Arashi/Johnny’s fans.

I’m pretty sure because there are many people mentioning about LJ/DW on youtube, there will be many LJ account/community more strict or even closed to protect their works.

Can we still keep this place as the safe place for our fandom?

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5x20 Album & Nino's month

It’s been a while since my last post lol. I don’t know what should I write on my LJ since I didn’t do anything particular. This should be for Nino’s birthday message though.

Look at that tiny hamburger hands!!
Happy birthday to a member of japan national idol group ARASHI who still needs a lot of money for his 36th birthday present lol
Too bad I’m not doing anything to celebrate his birthday.
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Nino's Birthday

Happy birthday Nino~💛
5 days ago was nino's birthday. Finally I have time to write this celebrate (yeay!!)

Now he is 35th years old. But why his face still too cute for his age? I really like his ‘idol like’ face. Even in special VSA game ‘camera daisuki taiketsu’ looks like he loves camera so much 😆

Btw, next Sunday will be the last eps of ‘Black Pean’ right? Bye Tokai sensei. His acting in there really great. Can’t wait to see him again in ‘Kensatsugawa no Zainin’

Happy 35th birthday NINO!! 💛

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Hello, I’m still newbie both in LJ or arashi. I know about arashi and start to love them since I watched now or never PV. I really like Nino in there <3. Since that, I begin to searching all about arashi. Like their pv, album, dorama/movie, until their old tv shows. and that brought me in here.

Maybe this is too late for me to be a fangirl. Because now I begin fangirling at my 20th. they said this is the phase where you actually not fangilring anymore, and start to face reality. Even my friend make fun of me -_-

If someone ask me why I love arashi at my age now, I don’t know how to say it. But I love them because they’re arashi. I like how they entertain their fans, not so fancy but not bad too. I think they’re good because they’re arashi

This is my first introduction post with English. Actually I’m bad at English, but.. maybe I will be often communicate with other people from another country. So, I think I must learn and improve my skill at English.
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salam kenal :D

miira desu~ untuk post pertama perkenalan diri dulu ya

kalian bisa akses akunku yang lain di:

masih newbie banget tentang Arashi, jadi gatau ya ini bisa udah bisa dibilang fans atau belum haha..

baru tahu & mencari tahu tentang Arashi sejak oktober atau november 2017 gitu. pokoknya pas lihat PV Now or Never di IG. padahal udh pernah nonton film matsujun di Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru. tp ga ngeh kalau itu matsujun arashi, karena waktu itu cuma sekedar nikmati filmnya aja.

karena penasaran banget sama Arashi yang awet sampai sekarang dan suka banget lihat kekonyolan mereka di berbagai acara regular mereka, makanya aku putuskan bikin akun LJ untuk memuaskan rasa penasaran tentang Arashi

saat ini sih my ichiban nino~

makasih ya buat yang udah datang dan bersedia baca perkenalan singkat ini :3